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Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Quincunx or Inconjunct Aspect in Astrology

The quincunx or inconjunct aspect in Astrology is an aspect between two points of interest (example the MC or ASC) or two planets that are 150 degrees apart.  The 150 degree separation does have an orb of up to 10 degrees in either direction (140-160 degrees) and those that are sensitive will feel the energy of this aspect in transit or progression up to and including these degrees.  In general, however, most individuals will feel the quincunx or inconjunct about 5 degrees approaching and about 2-3 degrees when separating.

In the birth chart as well as through transit or progression, the intensity increases the closer the angle between the two significant points.  In transit as well as in progression, the quincunx or inconjunct speaks of adjustment and then the formulation of the experience and creation of changes either through mental attitude or actually physical maneuvering.  In the birth chart, this aspect speaks of mental adjustments in connection with the energies of the planets or points of interest involved.

In most cases, this aspect has some challenges attached to it and the activities the individual will participate in or initiate can be stressful but usually a requirement.  Much, however, depends on the planetary energies involved and how tight the aspect is to being direct, at least when it comes to the birth chart.  An example of this might be Saturn quincunx or inconjunct Venus in tight orb of 25 minutes applying.  This would suggest, among other things, the need to make adjustments to how this individual reacts or perceives love and affection.  The applying aspect also suggests something that this individual has brought with them into this incarnation to face and address.  It is something that a remedy or answer need to be addressed.  While a separating aspect of a few degrees would indicate that the formulation has already been found and will be available in this life upon request, even though the aspect still implies a challenge and required adjustment.

In transit or progression, once the aspect tightens and becomes direct, the influence becomes very apparent and even extreme.  The awareness of an adjustment becomes apparent at as much as 7-8 degrees approaching and then when the aspect becomes exact or within a few minutes of exact, something usually unfolds in the individual’s life and an adjustment period will usually translate into either mental adjustment and transfiguration or an actual physical change.

Quincunx/inconjunct is often not a dramatic as let’s say a square or opposition, however, it is not wise to push the influences aside.  It is best to deal with the problem rather than having to deal with it as it strengthens and matures.  The quincunx/inconjunct is less intrusive than the square or opposition and often adds some sort of additional stress to an already stressful condition.

Some Astrologers have linked this aspect with possible illnesses.  This may be more heightened if the link is between the Sun and ascendant or somehow linked to the sixth and/or eighth houses. 

The twelfth house may indicate inherent or chronic conditions.  Please keep in mind, however, that the nature of our thoughts can and will play an important role in any health conditions.  Your chart would have to indicate several links dealing with health issues throughout the chart to verify inherent or chronic health conditions.  Stressful conditions in life can certainly add to the strength of the quincunx/inconjunct which is just another reminder that we should strive to change our attitudes towards what we term “stressful” situations in our lives.

Although the quincunx/inconjuct could be considered somewhat uncomfortable in the larger scheme of things, these aspects and the situations they predict are in place so that we make the proper adjustments to our lives to facilitate growth in some form.  Quincunx or inconjuncts supply us with the uncomfortable and challenging conditions that push us to make these required changes.


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